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School Services


PBC Goulburn operate direct school bus services to 16 schools in the Goulburn area.

School services are refered to as a "Bus No". Please look out for the bus number in the front window of the bus you wish to catch. In some instances a bus number may be used on a route service which also displays a route number. You can refer to our school timetables page for more aspects about using our school bus services.

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School Buses - Updated 2013

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Where and When

PBC Goulburn school bus services operate on school days only. Passengers other than students are always welcome to travel on school buses.

Further information on these services can be obtained by telephoning the office during business hours. Printed timetables are available free from the depot office or your driver.

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Passenger Safety

In the interests of safety parents or carers should be at the bus stop at the nominated time for the previous stop and on the correct side of the road. Please do not wait on the opposite side of the road to the bus stop.

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